Next Level Leadership: A Workplace Psychologist’s Blueprint for Mentally Fit Leadership

A healthy and astute mindset has never been more essential for business leaders who are looking to positively influence the productivity and success of their organisation.

It’s no secret that more self-aware and mentally fit business leaders are better equipped to effectively respond to personal and professional stressors, pressure, challenge, and opportunities. Invariably they also enjoy higher levels of personal work-life satisfaction.

Whether you’re an experienced leader looking for a performance edge or a newly appointed leader wanting to improve your confidence & control, you’ll walk away from this workshop with a proven framework, and implementable tools, that will support your future leadership growth strategy.

Join this workshop and discover a leadership performance framework that can reliably direct your future leadership growth. Walk away with evidence-based tools that are immediately implementable and designed to enhance your mental agility.

Attendees can expect to come away from the workshop having learnt:

  • The Mental Toughness model and how this can be used to supercharge your leadership performance
  • How mentally fit people think and how this improves their agility and ability to handle multiple demands and stress
  • Practical strategies to implement that will improve your mental fitness and leadership
  • Why measuring your level of mental toughness can be a game changer in identifying what’s helping and hindering your efficacy and influence as a leader


About Emily Johnson, Workplace Psychologist, Coach, Trainer, and Co-founder at Get Mentally Fit

Having completed her Master of Organisational Psychology at UQ, Emily has supported business leaders, workforces, and whole organisations, from a diverse range of industry sectors (banking & finance, legal, retail & hospitality, construction, government, and not for-profit organisations & charities), for the past 15 years.

Emily has been at the forefront of delivering integrated, psychosocially focused solutions to workplace mental health and performance, nationally. She sees herself as a realist, or a ‘common sense psychologist’ who likes to drill down to the core of issues that prevent people from functioning at their most effective.

This practical, evidence-informed, methodology informs Emily’s approach to supporting clients. She is most passionate about teaching the ‘HOW’ to mental fitness and individual and workforce mental wellbeing and performance.


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