Before an advertising campaign makes it to market, the people with the money – and power to say no – must approve an idea. And many great concepts don’t see the light of day because they didn’t sell them well enough.

This workshop shares some of the tools and tactics the advertising world applies to get buy-in from the people that matter most.


  1. Learning Pitch Camp’s presentation structure to make a compelling argument
  2. The Creative Brief
  3. Tools and Tactics the advertising world applies to get buy-in.

See how a Creative Brief could bring new insight to your next pitch and learn a structure that can save you time in preparation and help you build and deliver your most persuasive arguments.


About Pete Cunningham, Co-Founder of Redsuit

Pete Cunningham is the co-founder of the award-winning Brisbane-based creative agency, Redsuit. And founder of Pitch Camp, Redsuit’s presentation skills hub. For more than 30 years, Pete has delivered brand, advertising and behaviour change strategies for businesses, not-for-profits, and governments.

Redsuit campaigns have been recognised nationally and internationally for their effectiveness and insights. The agency’s work for Griffith University was awarded Best New Thinking at the AFA Effectiveness Awards, and its work for Queensland Health was voted Best Consumer Insight by the Australian Marketing Association.

Pitch Camp takes Pete’s thirty-plus years of pitching ideas for a living and shares it with individuals and organisations looking to sell better and share their ideas.

12:30 pm • 90 minutes


Pitch Camp





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