Prevent Burnout and Calm the Anxious Mind

“In the new definition of success, building and looking after our financial capital is not enough. We need to do everything we can to protect and nurture our human capital”. – Ariana Huffington

In our pursuit of success, many of us feel like we’re juggling life’s many demands and may drop all the balls at any given moment. Or we have moments when we feel like we’re not quite doing anything right. We’re left worrying about what other people are saying about us. “What if” scenarios constantly plague us. Anxious thoughts cause us to hide away, often feeling overtaken by fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’ or imposter.

Instead, we need to be able to cope with the demands and challenges of business. We wish to feel logical, calm, and rational in the face of uncertainties. And we want to be more relaxed with our staff and clients, knowing we’re performing at our best.

This seminar will help you to:

  • View anxious thoughts with a whole new perspective
  • Be more adaptable and flexible at work (& life!)
  • Respond logically and objectively to feedback
  • Cope with the multiple demands placed on you
  • Understand your role and what you can control in problem situations
  • Stop giving attention to disruptive thoughts
  • Dabble in a bit of applied neuroscience

You will walk away with new insights into coping with and calming anxious thoughts and tools to feel more rational and logical to operate at optimum capacity at your workplace.

This is a Learning Table workshop. Light Refreshments provided from 12:00pm – 12:30pm, with the workshop commencing at 12:30PM.


About Belinda Chapman, Professional Coach and Therapist

As a Professional Coach and therapist, Belinda’s passion is to help her clients change unhelpful habits, perspectives and mindsets so they can achieve their desired success. She created Bekinda To Yourself Therapies after overcoming her mental health and well-being challenges.

She loves teaching people the best practical and effective tools to empower them to confidently take back control of their thoughts, creating calm and contentment in their life. Combining experience and knowledge from her years as a manager, facilitator, coach and therapist with neuroscience findings and teachings, she has compiled these tools to share with audiences worldwide.

Through her workshops and events over the years, she’s changed the mindset of 100s of people to view their stress and anxiety with a new perspective enabling greater self-compassion and understanding. She’s excited to bring these teachings to you to empower you to do the same!

12:00 pm • 120 minutes


Bekinda To Yourself





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