Protecting Boundaries whilst Upholding Relationships

How do we navigate the modern world of work that is no longer dictated to 9-5 and has competing priorities?

Every relationship is defined by its boundaries. Every human being is defined by its boundaries. What is me, and what is not me? What is inside of me, and what is outside of me? In this session, we’re going to explore both personal boundaries and work boundaries.

Specifically how to:

  1. Identify Your Boundaries
  2. Identify Boundaries in the Workplace
  3. Accept Others’ Boundaries
  4. Be Aware of Dysfunctional Boundaries
  5. Negotiate Shifting Boundaries

This is a Lunch and Learn workshop. Light refreshments will be provided on arrival.


Helen Storckmeijer, People and Culture Leader

Helen is a proud associate at KEASE International and Leaders Lounge, their mission is to drive excellence in leadership.

Helen specialises in developing authentic leaders, improving team performance, unleashing individuals’ potential and transforming cultures. She is passionate about uplifting and empowering professionals to unleash their fullest potential and thrive in the workplace and in their personal lives.

With over 22 years of international experience as a coach and global HR leader, Helen is a sought after coach and mentor. She brings a wealth of experience and an authentic, compassionate and holistic lens to her workshops.


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