Revolutionise Your Events: Authentic AI Solutions for Corporate Planners


If you’re curious about using AI tools in your event planning but aren’t sure where to start, this workshop is for you. We’ll explore some easy-to-use, free tools that can help you organise your thoughts, summarise meetings, tailor content for different audiences, and keep minutes and actions items —skills that can really make a difference to your event success.

During the workshop, I will walk you through how I utilise these free AI resources in event design and marketing. I’ll show you how AI has transformed my communication strategies, helped me convey my vision more clearly, and most importantly, how it’s been a game changer in delivering better results for my clients and audience.

I will show you how I use AI to

  • Improve your copy so it’s more succinct and relevant
  • Turn your long form videos into snippets of gold
  • Take your audio content and make it into videos
  • Even plan your whole event for you!

If you have wanted to explore how you can use AI to enhance the success of your event from design, delivery and marketing, I’m confident you will leave this workshop with at least 2 new tools to use, if not more. And if you have never used AI before, to help you with your event planning, let me help you on your journey.


Sally Porteous, Founder of Red Lanyar

Sally Porteous is a highly experienced event director with over 20 years of experience in producing and planning diverse events. She is the founder of Red Lanyard Events, Event Managers Network, and Event Planners Workshop, where she utilises her extensive background to help clients create exceptional audience experiences.

Sally’s holistic approach to event management combines logistical precision with creative flair, making her a sought-after coach and mentor in the industry. Her dedication to professional development and her ability to foster meaningful connections through events have made her a respected figure in the event planning community.


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