Join us for an afternoon session of yoga on the rooftop at Brisbane Business Hub.

The one-hour Yoga class will include breathing techniques, physical movements and resting poses for meditation at the end of the class. Join May for this massive movement and practice yoga together at the rooftop and have fun together!

By joining this session, you will:

  • Learn a variety of beginner-friendly yoga poses and breathing techniques
  • Help relax and reduce stress

On the day, please bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and comfortable gym clothes.


About May Yuen, Yoga instructor at Brisbane Rooftop Yoga

May completed her yoga teacher training at YIMI with Celia Roberts (now BIYOME). May was born in Hong Kong and came to Australia to study on her own.

“As an immigrant in Australia with my parents and family far away from me, I understand the importance of community and neighborhood,” she said. “Back in Hong Kong, we all live in high-rise buildings, and most of the time we don’t talk to each other which generates isolation and individualism in society.”

“The rooftop yoga idea comes from my home town in Hong Kong where, back in the 50s and 60s, Kung Fu masters practiced with their students on the rooftops and the aim of it was to build a community, improve lifestyles and get healthy together,” May said.

“By starting Brisbane Rooftop Yoga, I hope to start a platform to encourage conversations in the building, encourage residents to talk to each other, and create a community.”

4:00 pm • 60 minutes


Brisbane Rooftop Yoga





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