Selling Your Business with Certainty

Legal and Accounting tips to maximise your return when selling your Business!

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Legal strategies to maximise the valuation of your business;
  • Alternative methods of structuring the transaction-business asset sale v. share sale;
  • Due diligence process and warranties;
  • Avoiding traps that may impact the price you receive.


About Gerard Thorpe, Managing Associate, Arena Law

Gerard has assisted clients in closing over 1000 transactions in his over 30 years experience in the Commercial and Property areas of law.

He has extensive experience advising clients on business sales and acquisitions, preparing and negotiating supply, manufacturing, distribution, franchise, alliance, service and licence agreements.

Gerard has completed high-level sale/acquisition transactions for businesses in the finance, childcare, retail, IT, dental, medical, hotel, food, transport, building, agribusiness, pharmacy, recruitment, tourism and hospitality sectors.

Gerard delivers creative and practical solutions to assist clients achieve success in their business.

About Michelle Li, Managing Partner, Vision Accountants

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Art and a Bachelor of Commerce which propelled her interests in the various aspects of commercial businesses. She practices as a CPA and is also the Managing Partner of Vision Accountants for over 10 years.

Michelle specialises in areas of SME business advice, tax planning, entity structuring and property consulting. In addition to these, she works with clients on capital transactions, due diligence and lease negotiation matters. Through the years, Michelle also represented clients in business buy-sells, franchising and exit strategies.

Michelle believes in providing comprehensive but practical solutions to her clients. She has a strong track record of resolving complex accounting matters with clear advice.

9:00 am • 120 minutes


Arena Law


Vision Accountants





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