Strategy for Sustainable Growth: Masterclass for Micro to Small Law Firms

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen St Brisbane

For many micro and small Firms, the last 18 months or more have been uncertain at best and left growth plans firmly off the table. Law firm leaders cannot delay growth forever without risking longer-term impacts on their business. This workshop session will look at what you are doing now to ensure the sustainability and growth of your practice post-COVID, including considering options and directions for growth. Our beaton facilitators will offer practical takeaways in an interactive forum, considering your own Firm’s areas of focus supporting the concept: “Investing in tomorrow every day”.

The session will cover:

  • Market trends for law firms
  • Purposeful growth strategies suitable for your Firm
  • Review of current revenue streams and revenue generation strategies
  • Factors impacting profitability
  • Importance of operational efficiency for Firms of all sizes
  • ‘Go to market’ planning and important marketing initiatives

Operational leaders and Partners of micro to small law firms looking for a strategy for sustainable growth.


beaton is at the forefront of client engagement and best practice marketing, business development and operational excellence across professional services. Their evidence-based approach is grounded in both extensive experience and research. David and Kim work with a broad range of micro, small, medium and large law firms, supporting them to meet their revenue, profile and operational goals. They bring the best of the beaton team’s experience and beaton’s market insight, providing flexible support across their clients’ practice needs.


David Goener, Partner, beaton

David is an experienced leader of professional services firms and advises regularly on Law Firms’ strategic growth plans. With a background in banking, David led the national operations as Chief Operating Officer at both BDO and McCullough Robertson for close to 15 years. Having spent the past 7 years advising micro to large Firms across Australia through beaton Research and Consulting, David is no stranger to the challenges of driving purposeful growth and profitability within professional services firms.

David brings a practical and pragmatic view to law firm’s sustainability and operational challenges; including strategic repositioning, leadership succession and transition and practice and service line profitability. An outstanding and seasoned mentor and coach, he also advises clients on business and partner performance management, pricing and regularly facilitates Firm-wide and group strategic planning conferences.


Kim Wiegand, Partner, beaton

Kim Wiegand supports the growing number of firms that are seeking to improve the sophistication of their approach to client and market engagement. She works with firms’ leadership and marketing and business development teams to implement projects improving client experience (CX), growing revenue streams, developing networks, and having valuable client conversations. She coaches partners and senior leaders on individual practice and skill development, leading to practice growth.

Kim brings close to 20 years’ experience within the professional services industry and 10+ years in senior marketing and business development leadership roles, managing teams and stakeholders across Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom. Kim leans on her broad background to advise on the full mix of strategic marketing and business development. She brings a practical approach to driving purposeful change within organisations, with energy and enthusiasm.

9:00 am • 120 mins

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