Switch on Your 2023 Social Media Strategy

So your business is active on social media, but are you getting the desired results?

Maybe you already have a strategy that rolls over from year to year, or perhaps you are more reactive and go from campaign to campaign. It is time to review and refresh your strategy if you want to make a more significant impact in 2023.

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to review the year just gone, examine your results and create a sustainable and scalable plan that helps achieve consistent results throughout the year.

You will walk away with:

  • How to do a social media audit on your organization to evaluate results
  • Steps to create an annual social media strategy with measurable goals
  • A community-building framework to move beyond social media marketing to a community-first approach.
  • Latest developments in content and tools to support your 2023 strategy


Kate vanderVoort, Founder and CEO of Social Mediology

Kate has extensive experience delivering workshops and training on social media marketing and online community building, online and offline marketing and business development, with the last 13 years focused solely on online digital strategy. She has trained with some of the world’s leading experts in social media and is up to date with each change as it happens in this rapidly changing industry.

Kate has provided coaching, training and social media implementation for over 3000 companies, small businesses and membership associations. Kate has been named a Digital Community Champion by the Queensland State Government and is a Lead Trainer for the Facebook Community Manager Certification. She is passionate about helping people understand and implement social media strategies for businesses and to help them grow and activate online customer communities that take action.

9:30 am • 120 minutes


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