Taking Strategy from Paper to Execution

Jack Welch famously said of strategy; “Pick a general direction and implement like hell”.

With a new calendar year dawning and half of the financial year almost behind us, many businesses are becoming anxious that the clock is ticking and whilst the game plan may have looked great on paper – executing it is another thing!

Katrina Jackson has been at the front of operational execution, leading several $100M businesses through start-ups, scale-ups and acquisitions. She is a straight shooter, driven business leader and passionate about helping businesses execute and grow.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover the 7 steps for turning strategy into performance
  • Work through case studies of turning strategy into execution for a range of business sizes and industries
  • Step through turning the ‘What’ into the ‘How’
  • Gain insights on how to hold yourself and your team accountable to turn strategy from the paper to execution

Enable 2023 to be the year that your business executes. “The difference between a company and its competitors is the ability to execute”.


Katrina Jackson, Senior Executive, Consultant, Speaker and Mentor

Katrina is the director of Impact HealthCare Consulting, a consulting firm that helps businesses to transform, scale and optimize operations.

Katrina has over 20 years of Senior Executive experience working for corporations such as Medibank, Max Solutions, Konekt and Allianz. She hails it as her mid-life crisis/ covid awakening that lead her to leave the corporate arena and forge her own consulting business. Here she can bring strategic insights, commercial acumen and strong governance from decades of working in national and global organizations to businesses of all sizes. She combines this with her ability to synthesize complex information and businesses and focus on priorities that add value to optimize operations and execution.

Katrina has worked with organizations to launch new business lines and products, scale operations from pilot concepts to national coverage and integrate several mergers and acquisitions. Navigating the complexities of business and operations with tight deadlines and aggressive targets is par for the course. However, the true impact lies in delivering this collaboratively with strong leadership.

She is a business transformation specialist who leverages her strategic thinking and knows operations to take strategy from paper to execution!

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Impact HealthCare Consulting



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