The AI Catalyst: Empowering Professionals for Success in the Digital Era

Discover the untapped potential of AI as a powerful tool for innovation and success. From beginner enthusiasts to seasoned AI practitioners, this workshop promises an enlightening experience, leaving attendees brimming with practical ideas ready to be implemented across businesses and departments. Join us and be part of the AI revolution!

This will be an exhilarating AI workshop that brings together top industry experts from marketing, banking, logistics, and business strategy. The workshop is designed for professionals at all levels of AI understanding, aiming to inspire and equip attendees with transformative ideas. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment as renowned speakers divulge their expert insights on how AI can revolutionise diverse departments and industries, boosting efficiency and productivity.

From this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about new AI technology available to you and your business
  • Explore ways to incorporate the new technologies into your marketing, banking, logistics and business strategy


Simon Dell, CEO at Cemoh

Simon has had a 13-year marketing career that started off with Lion Nathan and moved into him owning and running his own marketing agency, and now his own outsourced marketing team brand. Simon has written for a number of leading market publications, been the guest speaker for dozens of events and has his own podcast with almost 100 episodes.

Matthew Clarkson, CTO at Cemoh

Matthew is the CTO of Cemoh, the Marketplace for Marketing People. With a background that includes CEO, CMO and CTO roles, Matthew has a unique view on marketing at all levels. Matthew has significant software development experience through his work with multiple start-up businesses.In the last six months, Matthew has been working on integrating AI into the Cemoh platform as well as building a number of other revolutionary AI tools in the marketing space.

Glenn Neuber, Founder at MaxusAI

Glenn Neuber is the CEO and founder of MaxusAI, a Brisbane-based technology startup for VisualAI inspections helping companies to unlock business value from their photos, videos and geospatial data.

Prior, for over a decade, Glenn has gained experience in driving adoption of emerging technologies through Design Thinking and Agile Experiments successfully leading customer innovation engagements from idea over PoCs/prototypes to implementation.

During this time, he worked with Australian and global large corporates across multiple industries including Energy & Natural Resources, Logistics & Transportation, Public Services, Financial Services and Sports & Entertainment.

Fahim Khondaker, Partner, Data Analytics & Insights at BDO

Fahim has extensive experience across operational and commercial analysis, strategy and stakeholder engagement. He is particularly interested in the identification and

analysis of key drivers for organisations, and developing new insights to deliver value. He is passionate about helping managers and executives to make informed decisions on complex issues.

At UNSW, his focus is on integrating practical analytics and insights into accounting, finance and business courses, and engaging with industry and thought leadership on data

analytics and insights in an accounting, finance and business context. In 2021, Fahim was recognised by the Australian Financial Review as a BOSS Young Executive of the Year.

Michael Spear, Data Scientist at BDO

Michael is an experienced full-stack data scientist. He has experience across the entire data lifecycle and uses from data governance and management through to applied machine learning

and data visualisation. Michael has over six years’ experience applying these skills across the supply chain from procurement through to sales and marketing, and across sectors, including

agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and retail.

Marcus van Vugt , Associate Partner at Cap Feather

Mr Marcus van Vugt’s career has evolved from starting as a small business software developer to consultant to a partner with a large global firm across a career spanning more than 35 years.  With an ethos of lifelong learning, Marcus has spent significant time picking up university degrees and professional skills because they are either useful or interesting.

Marcus is an associate partner of CapFeather Global and enjoys helping companies grow, unlock their innovation potential and to optimise their business models and Digital Transformation initiatives.

Marcus has spoken at a number of global technology forums on the commercialisation of internal IT functions, CIO Roundtables and contributes to a variety of industry forums on Digital Transformation and organisational change.

In addition to his background in Information Technology Marcus is an Executive and Career Transition Coach, Mentors MBA students, works with aspiring and retiring athletes and coaches on improving performance and is in the process of establishing a clinical hypnotherapy business.

Brent Wallace – Co-Founder Hatch Head, Digital Product & Service Design agency. 

Brent is co-founder and principal responsible for product strategy at Hatch Head. Brent has over a decade in making software and technology solve problems. His speciality is helping others make sense of how tech can improve the experiences for people.

Hatch Head is a multi-disciplinary agency, focusing on software design and user experience. They work with companies of all sizes – from early stage startups to scale-ups to the publicly-listed. They help conceptualise, research and design products for companies in health care, finance, logistics, mining and retail.


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