The Best AI Powered Marketing Solutions for Growing your Business

Marketing should be an increasingly important part of your business’ competitive advantage. However, getting a solid ROI is becoming more challenging with increasing complexity and a broadening set of specialisations.

Discover the integrated approach and technology that smart businesses are using to do the heavy lifting, instead of adding more people and evermore expensive tools.

Gain clarity on the best types of Martech solutions (a.k.a marketing software) to drive growth for your business using our simple scoring methodology and help avoid the potentially costly mistake of investing in the wrong software.

Like many industries, the way businesses market themselves is changing. We’ll cut through the ChatGPT hype to surface the risks and broader opportunities.

During the workshop, we will explore:

Your Plan: If you’re like many businesses, cash flow and cost saving is at the front of many business owners’ minds right now. We’ll look at the competitive landscape, what your competitors are probably doing or soon will be. From there, we will help you develop your own results driven strategy that also improves marketing efficiency.

Best Platform: Review the new generation of low-cost marketing technologies that automate and do the heavy lifting for you. Go through the key considerations that enable fearless and agile marketing e.g. feature set, budget and data requirements. We’ll also get hands dirty road testing the Brighter platform (laptop required)

People: We’ll reveal the best ways to resource your marketing function, how to find the right people to deliver on the plan and drive the platform, and look at the role of outsourcing.

By the end of the workshop, you will leave with:

  • A workbook covering key workshop topics
  • High level strategy/plan
  • Most appropriate martech category (based on the shortlist methodology)
  • Checklist and options to help you find a category leader
  • Potential to improve your marketing efficiency by 50%


About Marcus McNally, Partner at Brighter Marketing

With over 20 years of experience, Marcus is a seasoned digital marketing and customer experience professional. He has worked with national and international brands such as The Flight Centre Group, Terry White Chem mart, Brighter Super, and The Carbon Trust.

Marcus’s success has come through his ability to develop high-performing teams, the strategic utilisation of martech and focusing on the ‘numbers’. He’s known for his agile approach to marketing, avoiding big budget campaigns, preferring to rapidly iterate to lower risk and deliver better outcomes.

Marcus is a Partner at Brighter Marketing, a martech provider with a unique product and proposition. Brighter provides an all-in-one platform, the scalable team and the plan.

About Kristy Hunter, Co-Founder at Brighter Marketing

With over 20 years of marketing and branding experience with global and iconic Australian companies, Kristy has enabled multiple businesses to grow and solidify their market position by providing them with the necessary foundations by delivering a strong strategy and support with planning, resourcing, budgeting and execution support. Having worked with and consulted for brands like the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Lorna Jane, Queensland Cricket, and Subway, Kristy brings an integrated approach that drives real and measurable results for SMEs.

Having established Hunter Marketing Co., her own marketing strategy and brand consulting business 5 years ago, Kristy is excited to partner with Marcus on their new venture, Brighter Marketing, game-changing all-in-one martech tool for Australian businesses.


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