The Evolution and Impact of Culture

From start-ups to scale-ups, M&A’s to growing or consolidating businesses, your organisation’s culture can be a tremendous asset as it can drive innovation, boost employee contribution, and enhance customer satisfaction. However, on the flip side, culture can be the greatest risk to productivity, execution of strategy, compliance, reputation, and financial sustainability.

In a complex economic, social, legal and political environment, leading and governing your organisation by creating a strong, aligned culture and ensuring capable culture leadership will provide you with measurable benefits, improved success of strategy execution and project implementation, and the creation a competitive advantage.

Optimising organisational effectiveness is now more important than ever; with five generations in the workforce, diverse employee cohorts, remote and hybrid working environments, and increased compliance responsibilities for directors and executives.

Join us for this informative session and receive access to additional resources and insights to support your culture evolution.

Key takeaways from this workshop include:

  • Understand the evolution of culture, changing social expectations, and the impact of external factors on internal behaviours;
  • Identify the link between culture ownership and culture risk;
  • Critically evaluate your ability to create, understand, and maintain culture;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your culture data and insights; and
  • Use culture as a strategic lever for organisational effectiveness – it’s about culture impact not culture activity.


About Georgia Henry, Founder and CEO at HENRY REED

Georgia is a passionate people and business leader who uses her global experience to support Directors, CEOs, Executives and Business Owners to optimise their organisation effectiveness through culture and leadership and turn the potential of individuals into high performance.

Georgia is the Founder and CEO of HENRY REED, a specialist culture and leadership consulting and advisory business that partners with organisations and people leaders to drive positive culture change for meaningful and measurable impact.

As a culture expert, with global knowledge and more than 30 years of experience in organisation culture, leadership, organisational design and human resources, Georgia understands how important the human experience of work is to the success of any business and is an advocate for the positive impact of culture on organisation and individual success.

Having recognised the significant opportunities available to businesses of all sizes and structures, Georgia helps leaders to understand and utilise culture as a strategic lever to optimise organisation effectiveness, while highlighting the important role people play in an organisation’s ability to achieve financial and non-financial results, mitigate risks and create competitive advantage.

Georgia’s presentations inspire, entertain and demystify culture and leadership elements that create risk or have the potential to improve organisation performance. Her presentations are engaging and relevant to the experiences of employees.


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