The Future of Work: A Conversation on Workplace, Workforce and Work Life Trends in Queensland

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ)’s Future of Work Report, supported by Australian Retirement Trust, is out now.

The report highlights the key drivers in future of work trends and how they’ll impact Queensland businesses now and in the future. It provides critical insight into trends expected to influence Queensland business long-term.

Business owners and industry professionals are invited to join us and be a part of the conversation that includes:

  • Summary of key findings and recommended actions for business, government and industry to remain competitive and resilient long-term
  • Overview of trends and changes expected to impact businesses
  • Details on CCIQ services, training and workforce planning resources

Key takeaways:

  • Stay up to date on actions, recommendations, fundings and trends on the future of work
  • Interactive panel discussion about future trends and strategies
  • Networking with business owners and industry professionals

About Future of Work Report:
The Future of Work Report, supported by Australian Retirement Trust, is a valuable asset in supporting Queensland businesses to strategically plan for future opportunities and trends in workforces, workplaces and work lives.
CCIQ surveyed more than 500 businesses across the state and led focus groups to gain critical insight into emerging trends in Queensland’s future of work.

About CCIQ
For 150 years CCIQ has represented businesses of every size, in every industry and in every part of the state.
We’re an independent not-for profit which means our focus is on supporting Queensland businesses.

About Australian Retirement Trust
One of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, we’re proud to take care of over $200 billion in retirement savings for more than two million members. We’re building on a strong legacy of partnering with employers, with Sunsuper and now Australian Retirement Trust winning Chant West’s Corporate Solutions Fund of the year the last seven years in a row1.

1. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. For award information see www.australianretirementtrust.com.au/awards. ©️ Zenith CW Pty Ltd ABN 20 639 121 403 (Chant West), Authorised Representative of Zenith Investment Partners Pty Ltd ABN 27 103 132 672, AFSL 226872 under AFS Representative Number 1280401, 2021. For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see www.chantwest.com.au


Heidi Cooper, CEO, CCIQ

Heidi Cooper is the CEO of CCIQ and is passionate about driving Queensland’s strategic growth.  Throughout her career, Heidi has worked extensively for the advancement of business in Queensland.  With over 20 years in law, corporate affairs and policy making, Heidi has successfully driven strategies for major companies with strong growth agendas and significant customer and community relationships.  She has specialised in leading sustainable business initiatives with a key focus on economic growth, job creation, education, sustainability and community engagement.  Heidi has worked across a diverse range of industries and has held board positions and senior roles in infrastructure, energy, education and training, agriculture, and not-for-profit sectors. She is also a proud member of Jobs Queensland Board and the Brisbane Festival Giving Committee.

Adam Fitzhenry, Head of People Integration & Innovation, Australian Retirement Trust

Adam Fitzhenry is a passionate disruptor for modern workplaces. He’s on a mission to help people feel they belong and to redesign the traditional employee experience by striking the right balance between culture, technology and the workplace. He’s led large cultural and workplace transformation programs, including working with Boards and Executives, and is an advocate for human-centred and sustainable design in the workplace.

Nicholas Lindsay, Chief of Staff, Gilmour Space Technologies

Nick Lindsay is a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy with experience in Naval Aviation, UAV design and operations, and the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Program Executive Office (PEO). His civilian experience includes ten years at SpaceX, the world’s leading rocket company. In 2009, Nick joined SpaceX as a Propulsion Test Engineer responsible for development, qualification, and acceptance testing of the Draco and SuperDraco engines used on the Cargo and Crew Dragon Spacecraft. Nick earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Texas at Austin. Nick joined the Gilmour Space team in 2019 where he has served as Head of Manufacturing, Program Manager for Launch Vehicles, and currently serves as Chief of Staff.

Helen Burns, Consulting Partner, PwC

Helen Burns is Consulting Partner for PwC in Brisbane specialising in transformation, and a core Partner in PwC’s Future of Work business. Helen has dedicated her career to helping organisations anticipate the future so they can build their people capability to be fit and competitive in a changing world. She helps clients successfully navigate the future of work as they grapple with disruption from new technologies, business models, regulations, societal expectations and environmental demands. Helen brings a breadth of experience in working with clients across health, social welfare, taxation, energy, finance, border control, transport, aviation, social justice and education in both the private and public sectors. Her focus is managing the people aspects of transformation and change, using this lens to build organisational agility and resilience.

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