The Secrets to using Public Speaking to Advance your Business Strategically

Having a great business idea, product, or service is one thing. But, successfully championing it to your target audience, whether that’s customers, investors, shareholders or grant-makers, is an entirely different thing.

Participants will leave this workshop with a new understanding of how public speaking can be used strategically to grow and advance their business, and how to get started – the same day. It will bust myths that commonly hold business owners back from public speaking in the first place and redirect people who are currently public speaking in all the wrong places to be far more strategic.

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the difference between strategic public speaking and flapping your gums (wedding toasts, after-dinner speeches)
  • Swap myths and junk science about public speaking for scientifically backed facts and strategies.
  • Know how to develop a strategic wish list of speaking gigs based on their business’ target audiences and strategic objectives
  • Know the basic roadmap to developing a great presentation


Juanita Wheeler

Juanita Wheeler has been speaking publicly in professional settings for more than 20 years – at major events, conferences, in board rooms throughout the world, and onstage in front of thousands of people. She has over two decades of experience writing speeches and keynotes, including her own TEDx Talk, and has trained over 100 thought leaders to champion their ideas on the prestigious TEDx stage.

She is known for her strategic, results-oriented thinking, ability to inspire, and trademark full and frank style. Juanita helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders become the public speakers they need to be to amplify their ideas, products and services.

Juanita uses her unique skillset to deliver online courses, professional development training and 1:1 coaching across the world. Her courses and coaching empower entrepreneurs, thought leaders and changemakers to deliver high-impact presentations worthy of their great ideas.

Juanita is a leadership & speaking coach, the Founder of Full & Frank, Executive Director at TEDxBrisbane, an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Queensland and a Lifelong Fellow at Atlantic Fellows.

In addition to her years of experience, Juanita holds a Bachelor of Arts, an Executive MBA, a Master of Business (Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies) and a Master of Social Change Leadership.

9:30 am • 90 minutes


Full and Frank



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