There’s Something About Gen

On November 15 2022 the world population hit a whopping eight billion. The time between each successive billion is getting shorter—it took 33 years for the population to go from two billion to three billion, but only 11 years to go from seven billion to eight billion—resulting in an increasingly younger population.

Many eyes are on global population growth and surging economies. Every four minutes, approximately 1,000 babies are born across the globe, and in early 2023, India will overtake China in population.

The needs, desires, and goals of Generations especially GenZ and GenAlpha will play a massive role in the next decade. So what’s on the mind of these Gen’s? Come along to this seminar where Heidi Monsour (Navitas Global Director Marketing Strategy) will explain.

Key takeaways from this workshop include:

  • Understanding and comparing different generations
  • How to compare and tailor your marketing for future customers
  • How to recruit for future employees


About Heidi Monsour, Director Marketing Strategy at Navitas Global

Heidi Monsour not only demonstrates passionate, exciting and innovative ways of thinking, she aims to drive this throughout the culture of the organisation so that the Marketing and Communications teams are leading the way in creating a team of intrapreneurs and brand advocates who are excited about exploring and venturing into growing existing, and launching into, new markets.

Going deep into understanding the consumer of not only the markets to play in, but more-so the markets of opportunity, is what Heidi particularly gets excited about.

‘How can we make the ease of purchase appeal and conversion a very simple yet exciting experience for our customers, and how can we constantly monitor, map and measure this?’


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