Transforming Waste into Profit: Circular Economy Solutions for Brisbane Businesses

What if your business’s waste could not only become a source of revenue but also contribute to the circular economy?

Join us for a workshop on commercial waste management for Brisbane businesses to learn about the opportunities available to you.

During the session, we will explore what resources are available to you to reduce your business waste and save on costs, and case studies of how other organisations have reduced their waste disposal costs.

From this workshop, you will:

  • Identify recycling opportunities and waste reduction strategies
  • Learn about tactics to avoid waste
  • Explore the ASPIRE smart material resources matching technology available to Brisbane businesses


About David Nicolas, Head of Marketing & Communications at ASPIRE

David champions system and behavioural changes at ASPIRE to improve human health and environmental well-being, helping businesses transition away from wasteful practices.

But, he understands the challenges businesses face in adopting these new habits.

Therefore, through smart resource matching and an embodied carbon calculator, David assists businesses in implementing strategies that reduce waste disposal costs, showcase their positive environmental impact, and promote a profitable, circular economy.


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