Unleashing Your Sponsorship Potential: A Strategic Roadmap

Ever struggled to gain sponsorship for your events? Break down the barriers at this active workshop. Learn from an expert who has secured hundreds of thousands in sponsorships and in-kind support. Overcome the challenges of reaching decision-makers and moving past gatekeepers by crafting a compelling value proposition.

Discover a process to highlight your event’s unique appeal, match it with what organisations want, and articulate its value swiftly and effectively. This strategic approach will lead you to more sponsors, faster.

It’s time to stop hoping and start planning with purpose. Join us to turn your proposals into irresistible offers that move swiftly up the chain. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your event sponsorship strategy.

  • Crafting Vision: Learn to articulate event purpose, audience, and objectives.
  • Identifying Value: Identify unique selling points to attract potential sponsors.
  • Tailoring Proposals: Align vision and value with sponsors’ needs for compelling proposals.
  • Strategic Approach: Move from random, hopeful outreach to strategic, targeted engagement, directly reaching decision-makers.

A downloadable PDF will be provided on the day, so please bring a laptop or tablet to follow along during the session.


About Sally Porteous, Director and Owner of The Event Planners Workshop, The Event Managers Network and Red Lanyard

Sally is a seasoned event management professional with a career spanning more than 2 decades. She began coordinating events as a teenager, ranging from local fairs to sales conferences. Recognizing her passion, she embarked on a professional event management journey in 2011.

A fervent believer in creating remarkable audience experiences, Sally founded Red Lanyard, a production company; Event Planner’s Workshop, an educational and experimental space; and the Event Managers Network, fostering connection and collaboration. Continually working towards refining her craft, Sally’s ultimate aim is to create magic through meaningful events while empowering others in the industry to do the same.

1:30 pm • 90 minutes


Sally Porteous



Event PlanningTalent


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