Unlocking the New Age of Marketing

In this new day and age, what does marketing look like?

Join Bosco Anthony, an internationally renowned TEDx speaker, digital strategist and marketing futurist. You’ll learn how current events have impacted and will continue to shape various emerging industries, giving you access to new ideas that can help recalibrate your marketing approach.

With his dynamic storytelling style, Bosco provides extensive research, trend analysis and design thinking – helping you engage with the content and leave feeling inspired and connected. His unique perspective may even make you rethink what the “answers” are!

This interactive session will focus on:

  • Understanding how global change has changed the sentiment for an online audience
  • Realising the critical impact of globalisation and its ripple effect on various emerging sectors
  • Discovering how exponential automation and the new frontiers of a marketing arena
  • Reinventing our marketing approach to cater to the demands of an evolved consumer
  • Discovery Industry trends in a world full of endless possibilities in this age of AI and marketing automation


About Bosco Anthony, Head of Growth at Global Rev Gen (GRG)

Bosco Anthony is the Head of Growth Global Rev Gen (GRG), an internationally recognised progressive and bespoke digital media buying solutions provider and consultancy.

A seasoned marketing futurist, digital strategist, disruptive storyteller, rebellious marketer, and international speaker with a background in corporate leadership, business operational maturity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Bosco Anthony’s impressive 20-year portfolio has seen the completion in over 1000 digital projects, and 500 strategies in over 200 different sectors nationally and internationally. He is known for being an influential business leader, having spoken at Park as well as at over 300 global events, conferences, and workshops.

Bosco Anthony has an insatiable hunger to create and innovate and his fervent passion and knowledge of the digital industry and consulting ecosphere. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He’s renowned for taking businesses to newer heights. He focuses on their value proposition and developing the right partnerships to leverage a business’s core strengths. Want to know how to use data- driven insights to make informed, successful marketing decisions? Bosco’s keynotes provide the tools and strategies brands need to stay ahead. Harness the power of big data and unlock endless possibilities for your brand!

Bosco Anthony’s design thinking approach, ideology and methodical execution of digital strategy, performance marketing, brand immersion and business development growth strategies have helped so many brands bring their story to life. He assists his clients to navigate critical thinking from ‘What is’ to ‘What if’?

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Global Rev Gen





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