What if Big Companies and SMEs could Actually Talk to Each Other?

We all know that SMEs and Big Business need each other. Our economy and communities also need them to play nicely together.

The thing that nobody talks about is that big business and small business are equally confused about doing business together – and they are both trapped by the same issues. They are just looking at the same problems, but from opposite points of view.

This presentation is equally valuable for both sides of the small company, big business relationship.

By attending this workshop, you will:

For the big end of town

  • How to meet your increasing CSR obligations.
  • What you are doing to actively discourage SME’s?
  • The things big organisations need to know to successfully engage valuable SME suppliers.

For SMEs

  • Why big companies won’t buy from you.
  • What will make them want to buy from you.
  • 5 Steps you must take to be a capable, profitable supplier to big organisations.


About Bronwyn Reid

Bronwyn Reid is a successful business owner, bestselling author of two books, and winner of multiple business awards.

Her books have been dubbed THE text books for small company – big business relationships.

Now, as organisations become more aware of their ESG obligations, Bronwyn’s expertise and experience are critical to business success.

Bronwyn and her companies have spent a lifetime being smaller suppliers to big organisations. Her environmental consultancy counts giants BHP, Rio Tinto and Glencore amongst their client base, as well as international research organisations and all levels of Government. She has also been on the other side of the big company/small business transaction, having worked in Corporate for many years – both within Australia and overseas. She understands, and fixes, the issues that prevent more valuable, profitable and long-lasting commercial relationships between the big and small end of town.

Bronwyn is the “Google Translate” app for small business – big company relationships. She writes regularly for several SME publications including First 5000 (Medium-size business market), Kochies Business Builders and Inside Small Business. She is a regular conference speaker, for both corporate and SME audiences, and appears regularly on radio and business-related podcasts. She has been a member of BHP’s Local Buying Program Advisory Committee for 10 years.

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Bronwyn Reid



Business Strategy


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