Winning Government Business – How SME’s Can Open Government Revenue Streams

Thomas Pollock, founder of Gov Ready, will discuss the benefits that profitable Government revenue streams provide to small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Break down some of the myths preventing many Queensland SMEs from targeting Government revenue.

He will detail ideal practices to ensure you have the best possible chance to confidently compete against Big Business, and secure your own Government revenue streams.

This workshop will also provide attendees with a detailed analysis of their business and how it’s positioned to partner with the Government. Using a Government Readiness Framework, you’ll receive a detailed Government Readiness Scorecard and report, to help your business better position itself to win Government business.

Never has there been a more critical time for Queensland SMEs to unlock and realise the benefits that profitable Government revenue streams provide. Big Business has happily dined out on valuable Government partnerships and contracts for many years, but the small business Government push has well and truly begun.



About Thomas Pollock, Founder, Gov Ready

Thomas Pollock has spent almost 20 years immersed in the Australian small-to-medium business world. Harbouring a desire to establish new revenue streams to help reinforce a growing business during tough economic times, Tom began engaging and eventually winning business through partnering with all levels of government.

In his recently published book, Winning Government Business: The 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes, Tom shares almost 20 years of knowledge and experiences, and outlines how small and medium businesses can win the struggle against Big Business when targeting government organisations. For more information, go to www.winninggovernmentbusiness.net.au

In 2019 Thomas founded Gov Ready (previously THINQ Learning). This growing Queensland company helps other Queensland businesses to strengthen their Government capability, compete against Big Business for profitable Government contracts, and win them. Tom and his family live in Brisbane, Queensland.


I attended a workshop facilitated by Thomas on “Winning Government Business”. The workshop was invaluable and something I would certainly recommend for any SME. Thomas was a very engaging speaker, sharing advice that would benefit any business with aspirations to provide goods and services to government. If SME Managers hear there’s a Thomas Pollock workshop coming up in your area, then clear your diary and be there! You won’t regret it.

Sharlene Makin – CEO, Roadcraft Driver Education

Thomas Pollock’s presentation on Winning Government Business for SMEs was insightful, inspirational – and highly enjoyable! The interactive nature of his presentation had our entire audience engaged and feedback from attendees was very positive. For some, it opened up a possible revenue stream they’d never considered. For others, it gave them new insights into how they could improve their current practices to improve their chances of securing future opportunities. With the state government making a commitment to assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to access and win government business for the supply of goods and services, Thomas’ presentation is a must-see for all small business owners.

Rebecca Llewelyn – President, South-East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce

9:00 am • 120 minutes


Gov Ready



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