Young Leaders Workshop

Join Lisa Moricz for an interactive workshop on modern-day leadership.

Lisa’s vision is to develop a community of humanistic leaders who LOVE what they do and are highly engaged with their teams.

In this workshop, you will learn three steps that will take you from feeling overwhelmed to empowered:

  1. It’s all about YOU! Take a look at leadership styles and see how they have changed. We will identify the leadership style that resonates with you and show you how to strengthen your style.
  2. How to fall in love with your Culture & Values. Identify what is important to you and how you lead. We will uncover the importance of Culture & Values and understand the impact they have on your leadership style
  3. How to serve your team. Understand the importance of a team. This is where the magic happens, we learn the value of your team and how they impact you and your business. Leadership is not about one, it is working as a team to be one!


About Lisa Moricz, Director of Umana Group Pty Ltd
For years I have seen so many new leaders fall short of their dreams, thrown into the deep end without the ability to ask for adequate support, and I am not ok with that. I know this because, for years, I was put into leadership roles without support or a clear pathway for me to shine, I had to learn quick, fast, often the hard way.

Everything I have learnt and studied has given me the experience I need to be successful as a leader and a coach. What I do know is that when people are offered the correct support and guidance with the ability to be vulnerable and learn in a supportive environment, they become dynamic humanistic leaders, which is why I’ve brought together all the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over the last 25 years as a leader to create my signature ‘Umana 360 Leadership Evolution’ program.

I have a six sigma designation, studied human synergistic and I’m a transactional behaviour practitioner, which combined gives me a deeper understanding of why and how we behave in the workplace and with each other.

I have worked for companies globally in various sectors which include retail, manufacturing, media, hospitality, medical, transport & agriculture. As well as State & Federal Governments.


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