Carolyn McSweeney-Grant

Director, 6peas Marketing & Engagement


Carolyn is a marketing strategist utilising research in neuroscience and marketing to create frameworks for legacy leaders looking to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by delivering better experiences with customers and employees (people) through purposeful strategy (purpose) to achieve profits.

6peas creates decision-making tools, solutions and strategies to support current and emerging leaders to access and harness the collective intelligence of their teams – social intelligence, attentional intelligence, emotional intelligence and conversational intelligence.

Carolyn sees the six pillars of a customer-centric organisation as legacy leadership; purposeful strategy; a culture of psychological safety; customer advocacy; employee advocates; and governance. Her passion is to encourage and inspire life-changing impact through connections.

Carolyn’s research has explored ‘The Value in Emotional Engagement in Customer Interactions’ and the ‘Psychological Safety of Boards and its Effect on Decision Making’. Passionate about identifying emerging best practices and helping organisations master them, Carolyn has designed a Best Practice People+Science © Communications Framework and the People+Science Psychological Safety Assessment Tool for boards and organisations.

Carolyn is also the founder of Valid8 Innovations, using neuromarketing and statistical decision-making tools for innovators and founders seeking to commercialise solutions and improve their chances for success.

Carolyn currently serves on the Advisory Boards of Cerge, Atlas Renewables, Civic Ledger and Samford Support Networks. Her previous Board experience includes Pine Rivers Community Finance, Mater Foundation and Samford Show Society.

Carolyn has over 18 years of marketing experience, using customer insights to drive growth with companies in Australia, the UK and Hong Kong. Carolyn’s expertise resides in B2B and B2C strategies for growth, customer insights, loyalty marketing, segmentation, product development and management, communications strategies and qualitative research.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Neuro-Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Management


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