Janelle Bostock

Chief Executive Officer, Bostock Group


Janelle has worked in private and public sectors and small businesses. She has been involved with membership organisations for nearly 25 years, including a decade with the Australian Institute of Office Professionals. In June 2017, Janelle became the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Network Australia (WNA), one of the longest-running women-specific networks in the country. She moved out of that position in December 2021.

Janelle naturally applies her diverse skills, connections and innovative ideas to help other women in business to succeed, knowing just how important the right values and the strength of a community are, especially for small businesses today — making a difference and representing the voice for women in business and those humble leaders who do serve others in the best way possible without seeking recognition or acknowledgement along the way.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Brand Identity and Brand Awareness
  • Bespoke Event Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
  • Business health check – governance, systems and processes.


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