Matt Kreis

Co-Founder, Connect Collaborative


Matt’s expertise is in bringing people and businesses together to align and generate commercial results. Matt believes that most challenges are solved by knowing the right people – that is to say, having a vast and connected network is critical to overcoming challenges and making progress.

He helps people and organisations generate business by creating strategic partnerships and alliances. His professional goal is to promote, create and be a part of more opportunities that demonstrate that we all do better together. Business need not be so hard.

Matt is the co-founder of the Connect Collaborative, a global business community (founded in Brisbane) that helps people and businesses set up a better future by systematically educating how to build professional networks. They help the networks to scale and discover opportunities amongst each other. At a time when the world is telling everyone to network, the Connect Collaborative shows you how.

Matt is also the co-owner of Core Strategies, a consultancy that helps businesses grow and thrive by creating alliances and strategic partnerships. Core Strategies work with national corporates, SMEs, NFPs, professional sport and micro-businesses to help them create more from the networks they already have and the networks they have built.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations Management


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