Olivia Muir

Brand Strategist and Founder, OM.NI:X Studio


Olivia is a brand strategist on a mission to equip small business owners with information, education, and strategies to improve their business and brand so they can grow.

Brand strategy can often be an afterthought or a nice-to-have for small and medium-sized businesses rather than an essential foundation. But big business knows that it’s at the core of every successful empire. Olivia wants to see passionate small-business owners succeed because when they grow, our communities grow. It leaves an impact beyond our current generation.

Olivia’s career started with a decade in real estate. She tried every real estate role available to her, from contracts administration to sales, property management, office management and marketing. This is where things kicked off for her – Olivia loved marketing and customer engagement. During this time, she wanted to pair her love for marketing with design (they really are a match made in heaven), so she started studying while still in real estate and finished up in 2011 with a degree in Visual Communication Design from Griffith’s Queensland College of Art.

Another decade later, and Olivia has just left her role as Brand and Creative Manager for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to start OM.NI:X Studio – a brand and marketing  consultancy for purpose-driven brands. For as long as she can remember, starting her own strategy & creative business was always on the cards.

What happened in the last ten years?

Olivia worked in marketing, branding, community engagement and design roles. She played in small business, non-profit, government, cultural arts, marketing agencies, and most recently, higher education. She ran local and national campaigns, rebranded businesses and schools, delivered over 40 local events, was part of a Guinness World Record, went back to uni and received a Master in Business (Major in Marketing), delivered immersive creative and educational experiences, led creative teams, and created endless logo and design briefs.

Olivia calls herself a dreamy combo of strategy and design because she looks at problems and opportunities through the lens of creativity – the visual cues from design, how something looks, feels, and the experience, and its value and purpose – strategic positioning and business impacts. Olivia loves what she does, and she loves sharing the knowledge she has so it can help others in their business pursuits.

Simply put, Olivia helps purpose-driven, small business owners through the fog to design and align their strategy, messaging, visuals so they can gain clarity, set their foundations, attract their dream clients and grow their business.

Areas of expertise:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Small Business Growth Strategies


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