Pushpa Vaghela

Founder, Pushpa Coaching


Pushpa enriches people’s lives, develops empowering leaders through finding a new pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving that meets their needs on a deeper. She believes everyone is a born Leader, and authentic leadership begins from within. Pushpa has founded the following organisations.

1. Pushpa Vaghela – Leaders By Design:

Pushpa brings world class leadership that ignites transformation, developing exceptional leaders who build effective management, rewarding cultures and productive teams with excellent leadership authentic qualities.

2. The Women’s Mentoring Foundation Ltd Charity (WMF):

(WMF) provides benevolent relief to women suffering from distress and/or poverty, helping Women heal from hurt, distress, grief, and trauma. Pushpa created the foundation for building their Identity through increased confidence, focus, better mental, emotional, physical, social wellbeing, and prevention of suicide

How – Through her bespoke programs – GriefShare, Hurting to Healing, Self-Development, and Self Leadership and through her Speaking engagements, Pushpa gives Women the best opportunity in creating empowering, deeper inner fulfilling lives, no matter what their background, culture, upbringing, and personal situation reflects.

3. NuMe Movement:

Pushpa, an internationally recognised expert in developing leaders, author and Peak Performance coach, primes her focus on Transformational Leadership, Business Success, Holistic Cultural Change and Improved overall Wellbeing.
Pushpa receives high ratings as an insightful, wise educator on Ancient leadership delivered in a modern context with unconditional commitment to audiences, thus enabling them to create lasting positive change, take new perspectives and make lifelong improved behavioural changes.


Areas of Expertise:

  1. Business Mastery Strategies
  2. Leadership
  3. Presentation and speaking
  4. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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