Samuel Longfield

Business Development Manager, Fuse Recruitment


Samuel is a dynamic recruitment and business development professional who focuses on driving growth and fostering valuable relationships with commercial outcomes.

With his keen focus on talent engagement and retention, Samuel continuously works with his clients to implement strategic workforce planning initiatives to ensure they have the right talent in place to meet their evolving needs and drive business success.

Samuel analyses data and key performance indicators to identify areas for growth, implement targeted strategies, and monitor progress, enabling him and others to achieve personal and professional goals.

Samuel is also the Founder and host of Professionals Anonymous, a monthly networking project designed to cultivate genuine connections sparked by serendipity that produce collaborative partnerships, trusted advisors and like-minded friends.

Samuel previously held positions as a Board Director of a not-for-profit and Memberships Director of the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Talent engagement & retention
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Business development & relationship building for commercial outcomes
  • Networking (as a host & attendee)
  • Tracking & actioning data for personal & professional growth


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