Sha Nayagar

Managing Director, Boost IT


Having helped over a hundred Australian small businesses with their digital marketing platform, from start-up to $20 million in turnover, Sha Nayagar is recognised as an expert in digital marketing strategy. Her strategy is based on both the technical side of SEO and website development, alongside over sixteen years of experience working with small business owners in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With a strong belief that every business should have proactive allies that keep promises, help them thrive and provide strategic value, Sha co-founded Boost IT in 2004. Boost IT enhances business capabilities with IT and digital marketing services and makes it accessible with a cost-effective “on-demand” model.

Her strategic advice has benefited numerous commercial and not-for-profit organisations, and the Queensland Government recognised her for helping businesses in Queensland navigate the challenges of COVID-19.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Growth Strategy – Digital Acquisition Channels

  • Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Effective Customer Service Strategy

  • WordPress Websites


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