Thomas Pollock

Founder, Gov Ready


Thomas Pollock has spent almost 20 years immersed in the Australian small-to-medium business world. Harbouring a desire to establish new revenue streams to help reinforce a growing business during tough economic times, Tom began engaging and eventually winning business through partnering with all levels of government.

Harnessing almost 20 years of business experience, in 2021 Thomas published his book, Winning Government Business: The 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes.

In 2019 Thomas founded Gov Ready. This growing Queensland company helps other Queensland businesses to strengthen their Government capability, compete against Big Business for profitable Government contracts, and win them. Tom and his family live in Brisbane, Queensland.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Partnering with Government
  • Winning Government business and contracts
  • Business development and sales models
  • Customer experience
  • Content writing


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