Zoe Gell

Senior Marketer, GHD Transport, Property & Buildings


Zoe is a senior marketing leader and strategist with over 20 years of experience using marketing and communication strategies to help businesses to grow in domestic and international markets. She has worked across various industries, including membership organisations, property, and construction and ran her own marketing business for 4 years.

Zoe has a wide breadth of skills, including marketing, communications and graphic design, and has used these to help teams and businesses to achieve broader business goals through the creation, implementation and optimisation of marketing communications strategies, recognising the ever-changing market.

Her two passions are marketing strategy and people leadership. She loves coming up with new ideas to help businesses solve problems and supporting people to achieve their goals as they climb their career ladder, encouraging them to believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Career and skills mentoring and support
  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Brand Identity and Brand Awareness
  • Market segmentation, targeting


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