Your proptech business is up and running, you’ve generated some revenue, and things look to be building. So what now? It’s time to Meet The Industry. This program is designed to get you the advice and feedback you need to validate and refine your business model, and prepare you for business growth.

Why apply for the Meet the Industry Program?

Get a deeper understanding of the property industry and access expert advice to progress to the next phase of your business growth. Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s Meet the Industry Program is the perfect place for emerging proptech entrepreneurs like you to refine your products, access a network of property industry experts and thought leaders, and get invaluable advice from the entrepreneurs who have done it all before. 

This is a two-day program, with the days split about two weeks apart – October 8 and 18 this year, for example. You’ll attend seven one-hour sessions on each day, and you will take part in a round table lunch discussion with industry experts.

Who is the Program for?

You’re in the development stage of your proptech business, either at pre-revenue or generating less than $500,000 in revenue annually. And you want to get to the next level.

What you’ll get from the Program?

  • You’ll hear from thirteen experts over two days who will share their knowledge, data-driven trends and in-depth insights from the property industry.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of customer needs across all sectors of the property industry and receive expert tips from established proptech businesses to help develop and grow your business. 
  • You will leave inspired, with a new understanding of the industry landscape and a roadmap on how to progress your proptech product to the next phase of growth and revenue.

Key dates

May 2022. Further information to come.

How to apply for Meet the Industry

Complete the application pack and our team will review and be in touch to confirm your place in the program. Applications close seven days before the program start date.

Industry gave the Meet the industry program a 9 out of 10 – The Meet the Industry program gave the proptechs a better understanding of the Brisbane property sector and gave them the ability to build productive relationships with industry.


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