Petina Tieman

Managing Director, Complete Business Solutions (AUS) Pty Ltd; Australian Women In Business Pty Ltd; Cairns Business Hub; Cairns holiday Letting


Petina Tieman, a proud Aboriginal woman, is a revered Indigenous business specialist with extensive expertise in fostering the growth of micro and small businesses. Her dedicated career reflects an unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs towards lasting economic success.

As a mentor and coach, Petina champions sustainable business practices and innovation. Her specialised programs provide essential insights and skills crucial for robust business development, catering specifically to micro and small businesses facing budget constraints, limited resources, a lack of operational and compliance knowledge.

Combining cultural reverence, expert industry knowledge and contemporary business acumen, Petina’s guidance resonates across diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds. Her advocacy for inclusivity and knack for merging traditional wisdom with modern principles establish her as an influential figure in small business and Indigenous business development across Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Serving on various Government Boards and Industry Advisory Groups underscores her commitment to advocacy.

Through mentoring, Petina continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering sustainable business growth within Indigenous communities. Sharing her own entrepreneurial journey, she offers a relatable approach, helping clients navigate challenges and achieve their goals. Petina’s career boasts numerous accolades, global recognition, keynote speaking engagements, media features, and successful business ventures, exemplifying her resilience despite regional challenges, health issues, and the impact of COVID. She stands as a guiding beacon, drawing from her experiences to support others through their entrepreneurial hardships.

As a coach, Petina’s got your back… she’s been there done that and possesses the qualifications, skills and experience to help you get through any of life’s challenges!

Areas of Expertise:

  • Grant and tender writing
  • PQS for procurement
  • Training and coaching
  • Remote and regional Indigenous economic development
  • Governance risk and compliance
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Small business growth strategies made simple
  • Corporate Governance versus Cultural Governance
  • Consulting to Government and Industry


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