How to Succeed as a Female-led Startup Founder

Join this interactive workshop and learn how to overcome the challenges of being a Female-led Startup Founder. Gain practical tools and tips to gain confidence and move your idea forward.

In the beginning, there are essential things you need to work through and consider. We will go through:

  • Key characteristics of being an entrepreneur & the challenges you’ll typically face
  • What a good value proposition needs to have
  • Thinking through your business model
  • Top tips on your roadmap to success


About Iyari Cevallos

With a career spanning 20 years, Iyari’s desire and passion to make a positive impact on people’s lives came early. From leading youth early in her working life to leading multidisciplinary teams with unique challenges in ASX100 and Government owned entities, Iyari has been involved in engaging all levels of senior leadership and corporate boards within Australasia and internationally.

Born in Mexico, Iyari grew up in 2 countries, educated across two very different school systems, languages, cultures, community identities and value sets. Shaping her with vivid, colourful and sometimes traumatic scenes of inequality and complete environmental disregard.

Aware of her privilege early on in Australia, Iyari is driven to never take anything for granted, striving to make a difference.

Today Iyari navigates and motivates teams in operational performance, leading digital transformation change and governance with large clients, owning her own business and coaching start-up founders to realise their business ideas. Now dedicating a significant part of her free time to drive positive social impact and enable change in the communities around her, Iyari currently Chair’s the Board of Women in Technology.


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